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New online casinos for the UK 2018

Progress is important, especially in the world of online gambling. This means that while the oldies might always be goldies, sometimes newer is better and new casino sites 2018 could bring you the improvements of the future. But where do you draw the line between brand new online casinos that are great and those that could be better? knows just how to do it and we’re ready to teach you too how to find the best new no deposit casino UK 2018.
What to look for in new casino sites?

Below you can find the main things that can make or break a new casino


If you are a player from the UK then the license you should be looking for is the UK Gambling Commission license. This will assure you that everything is fair, secured, regulated, and thoroughly and constantly checked. There are other licenses that work too, and the more, the merrier.

Casino games

The number of casino games is important. You want to have as many games from as many software providers as possible. You should be able to play anything that interests you. Even if they’re just starting out, a great new no deposit casino UK 2018 will have at least a nice selection of the best games.


Just as important as the games selection if not more important for some, the array of bonuses is also important. You want to see that the casino cares about users and wants to offer them top bonuses and lots of them.

Payment options

Everyone might have a favourite payment method that they find easy to use, it’s important to be able to use your preferred currency and payment method and not have to struggle to adjust.
Customer support: no matter if you have a problem or just a question, customer support should be there to help you with anything at all times and through as many channels as possible.

Are there benefits with new online casinos?

Most online casinos will start adding the best games ever made and then move on to the newest releases. This means that most of them will have slots with the highest payout percentages. Your gaming experience will be majorly improved by playing games with a high RTP because they give you better chances of winning. Since many of the games will be new, it means that you also get to play online slots that have a lot of bonus features. The combination of slots with bonus features and casino bonuses is definitely a winning one so this is a great plus.

Not only this, but the bonus offers should be better because they are trying to get more players. This means free sign up bonuses, better offers, more free spins, more cashback. A wide range of great promotions can only help you out. And if that new casino checks all the boxes then there’s just no reason for you not to give it a chance.

New vs established casinos in the UK

If we’re talking about a great new casino and a great established casino then comparing them is quite hard. Apart from the added reputation that the established one has gathered and the experience of seeing all sorts of things and maybe the larger number of games, things are quite similar. The established ones might have better loyalty programs in place, but you can get more free spins for new ones and extra slot bonuses. The jackpots are the same for both because that’s just how progressive jackpots work.

It depends on what you want from a casino, but if you’re looking for a place where they will try to give you everything you want and really go the extra mile then the new ones are what you’re looking for, because they try harder.

New casinos are the ones moving with the times and with technology. This means that they will be first ones to bring you VR casino games, the option to pay by phone bills depositing, play slots on your smartphone etc. The possibilities are endless, especially since at the time we already have the first VR casino. So, if you want all the new and exciting features check out the newest casinos.

New Casino Sites
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